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Episode 1 - EvangelineMcdowell

Ace had been invited over to a friends apartment. She wanted to show him the place, but she ended up showing him alot more than what was planned to be shown.

Episode 1

Episode 2 - Morgaine

It was just a normal day on this beach side of a little island, and Ace was sitting at a fire by himself, until he heard something not that far from him. Going over to see what it was, he found this little Minx standing behind a rock, and waving for him to come over.

Episode 2

Episode 3 - Nikosanna

It was a lovely day on the big beach, so Ace decided to spend his day there. He was walking around when he bumped into one of his long time friends. As they where talking, things progressed a little more, and became more interesting.

Episode 3

Episode 4 - AshleyPax

Ace has been out clubbing most of the night away, and got a few drinks in his system, and then he needed to go to the bathroom. While he did his business, he noticed one hell of a cutie leaning on the wall watching him, so he went up beside her, and things moved on from there.

Episode 4

Episode 5 - SexxxyJessica

Ace went on a yacht cruise, where he was just relaxing most of the time in one of the pools there. Then one day he was joined by a good looking women, and he could not stop himself from looking at her, and after some time the women started to dance in front of him, and it all ended in another fun and relaxing way.

Episode 5

Episode 6 - KellyKash

As the cruise went on longer, Ace met another fine Minx, as he got to talking with, and after some time it seemed that this Minx had something else in mind as she got up from the chair she was sitting in, and it got a whole lot more interesting as it went on.

Episode 6

Episode 7 - MartaMally

Ace has gone down to the Night Club, where he was leaning against a wall, checking out all of the clubbing people. Then his eyes were drawn to a fine, and curvy women. Making his way over to her, and began flirting with her till the flirting went on, and got even more dirty.

Episode 7

Episode 8 - PetrovaFord

Ace decided that it was time to relax a bit, so he invited a friend to the beach for some meditation, but as this was going on his friend got an idea to try and tease Ace a bit. This went on for not to long before Ace joined in, and teased back even harder. Then it all became hotter than the sun.

Episode 8

Episode 9 - CherryCherry

So Ace was feeling young and had a hop in his step one night. He desides to toss on some hiphop clothing, and made his way down to one of the most popular clubs around. His outfit seemed to attract a interested woman, who moved closer too him as the night went on. Things got alot closer.

Episode 9

Episode 10 - Elith

Ace has been looking for some extra work, and he got on as a substitute teacher for a short term, but was not told what class. Didn't take him long to figure out what subject the class was, when she stutted into class. that he got in as a substitute for.

Episode 10

Episode 11 - Cnow

So Ace had taken a boat out off the coast for some fishing. A strong wind and waves knocked him from the boat. He has been floating out in the deep waters, and had been close to drowning, but luckily he woke up on a sandy little island with a surprise between his legs, that he had never seen coming.

Episode 11

Episode 12 - Unknown Name

As his weekend started Ace once again made his way down to the local clubs. Stopping in his favorite one he was sitting in the back by himself. Soon he was not alone, and was joined by a sexy blonde minx. Who started to dance slow and sexily in front of him, and the fun went on from there.

Episode 12

Episode 13 - LadyLayla

Ace has been invited to a house party hosted by one of his dear friends, Layla. As the party began to slow down it turns out that they ended up being the last ones there. Ace took a few last sips of his beer, to approach his lady friend, and it all ended in a good way for both friends.

Episode 13

Episode 14 - Sath Ft MichealSin

Ace was chilling with one of his buddys when they suddenly got company by a beautityfull girl, but as they where talking and time went on, it seemed that the girl had other things in mind, and Ace and his buddy just went with it.

Episode 14

Episode 15 - BimboM

It had been some time since Ace had seen a girl with a pair of really big breasts, but this day was one of his lucky days, when he walked into this girl, Blond hair and big breasts guess thats what you would call a real Bimbo Girl.

Episode 15
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