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Episode 106 - MissAmelia

Ace had planned to meet a lady at a club, for some reason they had some nice talks about everything, even though later on the night they found a couch to sit down after a little dancing session on the dance floor.

They talked for bit while sitting there, but shortly the talking turned into something completely different.

Episode 106

Episode 107 - ReenaRain Ft. MarcusB

So it had been some time Ace had been at a strip club, so him and a friend of his went to a strip club that they had never been at, as they were there only one lady had caught their attention.

As they where enjoying the show, they got a special offer from the lady herself, which they of cause took her up on, though they didn't expect it to get this steamy hot.

Episode 107

Episode 108 - LauraEncased & LongLegSteph

New Year Shoot 2021

Ace and a few of his friends had the idea of holding their New Year in a cabin they had rentet, so they where sitting and talking, having a good time in each others company, even though one of them got an idea to flirt a bit with Ace.

Which worked on him of cause and that evening got a hole lot more fun for all parts.

Episode 108
Episode 109

Episode 109 - Sath Ft. MarcusB

Slut Bus Season 2 Episode 1

After a while of being laying low with the bus Ace decided to bring it back, while it was standing at the new place it didn't take long for someone to get into it, though it was someone that had already been in it before.

So the set person kinda already knew what was gonna happen, but yet the bus was different on the inside compared to last time.

Episode 110 - LongLegsSteph & LauraTWK

Slut Bus Season 2 Episode 2

After the first lady had left and Ace's friend left as well, Ace found himself having two new visitors, tho he had never seen them before in his bus, so he was not gonna let this opportunity run past him to mess a bit with these two.

And so he did and things turned out just as he wanted it to and hopefully he would see these ladies again.

Episode 110
Episode 111

Episode 111 - CheleDevilleSaxon

Slut Bus Season 2 Episode 3

After some days of no one showing much interest in the bus, while Ace Was just chilling inside of it, this lady came in and took a seat and they started to talk a bit, until the lady had other plans.

As for her plans to just tease Ace ended up with her stripping down and things went another direction, then she properly had expected.

Episode 112 - LilMarie

Slut Bus Season 2 Episode 4

For a long time Ace had not seen this girl, but guess she knew about his slut bus, as Ace suddenly saw the girl setting down right in front of him.

One thing was for sure Ace could not keep his eyes on just her face, when she was dressed as she was, which was good as things seems to take the more naughty turn.

Episode 112

Episode 113 - JazzyLaw

Slut Bus Season 2 Episode 5

So it had been some time since the law had put their eyes on the slut bus, but this day the lady by the name Jazzylaw, who Ace do suspect to be from some section of the law.

But as Ace was sitting in the front of the bus, where he couldn't see who entered the bus until he got back behind the glass, he saw this lady and didn't know if he should run or smack her buns, but as a the man he is he chose the second option.

Episode 113

Episode 114 - Agathee

Ace had been needing to take yet another job, just to keep himself busy when he where not doing his usually business, so he decided that he would go around and clean peoples pools and what else that could come up.

He was most likely the last person people would think would do these kind of jobs, but it is as it is.

Though he didn't think the first place he was contacted by was someone he had seen before, so he was easily recognized by the person who needed her pool cleaned and what not.

Episode 114

Episode 115 - Sath

So Ace had yet again got himself a pool cleaning jobs, it so just happen to be one he had known for a long time, but as Ace was doing his thing and taking care of her pool, the lady was just laying on a floating water bed and seemed to have a bit of a plan.

As Ace was not paying attention to much besides what he was doing, he started to hear some sounds from the other end of the pool, so he of cause took a look to see what was making the sound and he got himself a surprise.

Episode 115

Episode 116 - CassyB

Ace's Naughty List - Episode 1

Ace had been sent on a special mission for the really naughty list of the year as he was told that he was the "chosen" one for this task.

As he makes his way to get the first person crossed out on his long list of what seems to be female names, then he kind a found out why he was called as this was more or less his "specialty"

So he went on with his mission and did what he had to do to get it done.

Episode 116

Episode 117 - Agathee

Ace's Naughty List - Episode 2

Ace had finally found himself another person from his long list of names and it was someone he had already met a few times by now, so it was a good thing he had his santa beard on and everything, as he hopefully won't be recognized so easily.

As he then went on with his job and could then cross yet another person of his list of naughty ladies.

Episode 117

Episode 118 - LilMarie

Ace's Naughty List - Episode 3

The third person of Ace's list was found after some time from the second one, which yet again was someone that knew who Ace was, but hopefully his "disguise" would make him less recognizable.

And by the end of this he could yet again wing someone off the list and move on with it at some point.

Episode 118

Episode 119 - Cristinaxxx

Ace had just got a new place for himself and wanted to celebrate it, so he invited a friend of his over.

When the friend was there he of cause met the person at the way into the place which was an elevator, they had dinner and what not and later on things started to get a little tense between them, then things took a turn for the better and more naughty side of it all according to them both.

Episode 119

Episode 120 -


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