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Episode 16 - Elith

Ace had been called by one those girls he had been with before, and as he came to the place she where working at, then not that long after he arrived him and the girl got down to business.

Episode 16

Episode 17 - Kittykityy

It was just like any normal day for Ace, and he where at this nice place, where he ended up meeting a friend of his, and as they talked a little heat started to raise between them, and after a while they both had ended up naked and then it went from there.

Episode 17

Episode 18 - PetrovaFord

After a long day, Ace just wanted to relax but did't feel for being alone in the appartment he had rented for a few days, so he called one of his girl friends to come over and watch some movies, but it all ended up in more then just watching movies.

Episode 18

Episode 19 - SexxxyJessica

So it was about that time for one of these business trips, where ace sometimes tried to see if he could pull some fancy contracts in with some big models, but as he was sitting in the train all by himself, a lady joins the compartment that Ace is in and sat down on the seat right in front of him, but as they where looking at each other the teasing games began and only got more hot as it went on.

Episode 19

Episode 20 - Sath

It was a fine sunny day and Ace had found this fine park that he took some time to look around in, and found a place to sit down, but he did not sit down for long before a lovely blond woman walk past him, and he followed her to the ladies room, then afterwards it all took a turn for the better between them.

Episode 20

Episode 21 - Meag

Well we all know those mornings after a night to the town, where you dance and drink, that was what ace had been doing for a few days, and this last day of his nightlife he had taken a lovely lady with him home and as the morning showed it face and both of them woke up, a little spark started to rise between then and the morning got a little hot.

Episode 21

Episode 22 - ReenaRain

So it had been a long day for Ace, but tho it where not over yet, as he had been invited over to a friend for dinner and such, and as they where sitting down after their dinner, things went a hole other way, a more dirty way so to say.

Episode 22

Episode 23 - DaisyScarlet

Ace had for some time stayed away from the many clubs that had open over the last year, but this day he felt a bit frisky and took on a club, where he met this stripper, and as the time went on and Ace was watching the woman getting more and more naked, while his clothing followed, and it all got really kinky.

Episode 23

Episode 24 - JazzyLaw

Ace had recently met this woman, and before he knew it he got invited to her home, for some coffee and talking, but it seems the talking went to other things then just talking.

Episode 24

Episode 25 - HotAmanda

Ace been renting a place near a beach for the past month, even if its getting colder, but this day he got a visit by one of his friends and they had plans to watch some movies and such, but later on his girl friend had other this in mind that she wanted to do, so she turned off the movie and took action.

Episode 25

Episode 26 - ReenaRain & SexxxyJessica Ft. JackLewd

Ace had been coming up with a great idea and took two of his girl friends with him on a bar, but it was not a normal bar it was one of those bar's where everything was allowed even sex and such, and as the night went on and both the girls and Ace had some drinks, things took a swing at the naughty side of them all.

Episode 26

Episode 27 - PetrovaFord

So Ace found himself in a subway waiting for the train to be fixed, so he was just sitting in the cart he had seat in, and on the other side was there a blond lady, they where alone in the cart so as the naughty man Ace, so he started to do something naughty in front of the blond lady and wanted to see how she reacted to it.

Episode 27

Episode 28 - Peta

After his subway trip, Ace had to get on a plane to fly to the next place he had to go, but the plane was not a normal plane as kids where not allowed on it, and after some time sitting on his seat he found out why, as a stewardess walked up to him and grab the pole in front of him.

Episode 28

Episode 29 - Sath Ft MackSteel

Ace and his buddy Mack where just dancing in this club that they where in, and not long time after they started a Blond girl had gotten pretty close to them, and when she tried to walk past them, things started to take a turn.

Episode 29

Episode 30 - EvangelineMcDowell

After the episode at the club Ace had to lay low as that episode could be taken different ways, so he invited one of his many girl friends out to a cabin, just so he where not alone out there.

Episode 30
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