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Episode 46 - ReenaRain ft. JackLewd

So after the bar trip both Ace and Jack had with two girls, they already had met one of them, so now it was time to meet the other girl, and Ace already knew where she lived, so they decided to pay her a visit.

So they did and they got in and all that, and talked for a bit, until the table turned a bit to the naughty side.

Episode 46

Episode 47 - Sath

So after a while from their meeting on the boat, the lady from the boat that Ace had spend a lovely time with called him, and invited him over to her place, and of cause ace as the gentleman he is accepted her invitation to her place, and after he arrived and they talked a bit, then went to her inside Jacuzzi and continued to talk and other stuff. 

Episode 47

Episode 48 - xChristix

So it had been awhile since Ace last time had gotten a call from a collage that needed help with Sexual Education, so Ace went to the collage where he met one he already knew from his fake audition, so it caught him a bit by surprise, but still everything went well, but that specific collage student had other things in mind, when her classmates had left the classroom for a break.

Episode 48

Episode 49 - PetrovaFord ft. George

For the first time in years Ace went to Fresco and the music there was not the best, so Ace went and took over the Dj desk for some time, until he got interrupted by a lady that he already knew, that had been sitting with a man, but Ace did not know much so he just went on with the lady not knowing that he was a part of what would be called for a cockold.

Episode 49

Episode 50 - ReenaRain & SexxxyJessica & PetrovaFord

So it was girls night out in the club that Ace recently had gotten himself, thought not many showed up, but those who showed up was not the ones he expected that night, but everything seemed to turn out just fine for both parts, as the girls night out went wild.

Episode 50

Episode 51 - JazzyLaw

So it had been years since Ace had played poker, so he went to a saloon where he met up with a friend of his, where they sat down and played for a while, but its not it was normal poker, it was strip poker and at the end the real fun began.

Episode 51

Episode 52 - Ainhoa

After a good amount of time Ace finally took the time to go back to the old Nightclub, but he was not alone as he had taken a friend of his with him there, and as they both got some drinks and such into their systems, it started to get bit hot between them and clothing got off their bodies.

Episode 52

Episode 53 - Meag

It was like all normal nights, as Ace had taken a side job at a bar as bartender, something he was familiar with, as it was starting to get late and about closing time for the bar, he had this one customer that ended up being there well over the closing time.

Episode 53

Episode 54 - MiraXXX

Today was Ace's day off from any kind of work, so he decided to take on a cruise on a yacht, where he met this lovely lady, they sat down chatted a bit and as time went stuff got a bit more hot between them and the chit chat got a lot more fun for them both.

Episode 54

Episode 55 - Sath ft. GustavoLafica

So after Ace's cruise he got a call from an office, where he met fellow producer and they sat down with a secretary from the office, but the office so happen to be having the yearly "hump day", so this meeting with the other producer went a little sideways, but in a good way.

Gustavo's Video

Episode 55

Episode 56 - SexxxyJessica

So Ace had not been having the best lock with finding a new place to live after he lost his last one, so he had the luck that he could stay with one of his many girl friends.

Episode 56

Episode 57 - PetrovaFord

Ace was out looking for a new place to live with one of his many girl friends, thought they ended up using the place a bit more then they should, but for some reason they had to check the place out all by themselves as the guy that should had showed ace the place never showed up.

Episode 57

Episode 58 - xCarrie

Ace was just chilling in his club as he heard someone knocking on his front door, and it was a lovely looking lady asking to use the bathroom of the club, so of cause Ace went and showed her where it was, as he was waiting outside he remembered he got something installed in the wall, and he got the idea of testing it and see what would happen.

Episode 58

Episode 59 - Morgaine

Ace took his ass and went out finding himself a spot in a corner of a little club, where he not that long after arriving he got company by a sexy lady, as he watched her pole dancing in front of him losing the her clothing, then she gets closer to him and things starts to a bit hot between the two of them.

Episode 59

Episode 60 - LilMarie

So its this time again where people holds parties with a halloween theme and Ace had been invited to party that took place in a club near by him, so he found a wick, some sort of suit and then he put on his best James Bond costume for this party, and somehow he also ended with a lady in his arms that night.

Episode 60
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