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Episode 61 - LauraTWK

So after the last party Ace had been to he went right to next one the day after, but it was not really Halloween themed or anything, but as the party went on and people started to fall off and take home, a lady kept dancing a bit away from the small group that where at the other end of the dance floor, then she left to go somewhere and Ace followed shortly after, so the night took a 90 degrees turn for both Ace and the lady.

Episode 61

Episode 62 - HotAmanda

So after a good while, where Ace had not been on the local beach, so he took the day to go there, then he met this pretty lady, that suddenly out of the blue asked Ace if he wanted a massage and he took the offer, but as it went on he turned around and the lady had lost a piece of her clothing, but as the time went and they messed around, you can kinda say that Ace gave this lady a analtastic repay for her massage.

Episode 62

Episode 63 - Belleanna

So this was one of these days where Ace did not feel for doing much, so while he where at his own office, he decided to call an escort over just to threat himself a bit, after a long week of work and such. One thing he could say he got what he payed for as the escort was working her magic with her woman parts.

Episode 63

Episode 64 - SexxxyJessica

So it was the time of year where Ace did the big time cleaning of his home, so he asked a friend to come over and help him with it, to his own surprise his friend showed up in a maid costume, and as all other men would Ace could not stop starring at her butt.

Episode 64

Episode 65 - ReenaRain & Sath

So Ace had that crazy plan and loan a bus from a company, so while he was out driving he had to use the restroom, though his restroom break ended up being a really long one, as he saw a glory hole and heard someone come in, and he had to bet on, that it was one of the lovely ladies that he had seen outside on the bench.

Episode 65

Episode 66 - PetrovaFord

It had been a long time since Ace had been at any sort of strip club, as he where walking through the streets, he saw this little bar with a stage, so he went in there saw who was on stage and got himself a closer look to the lady later on.

Episode 66

Episode 67 - KittyKityy

So after a while of being underground doing his club and such, Ace had recently bought himself a casino and he wanted to celebrate it, so he called the sluttiest lady he knew over to celebrate it with, so as they talked and such things, Ace made some moves in on her, then after a bit things got rather naughty in his office.

Episode 67

Episode 68 - PanaLove

New year had just been around and Ace wanted to celebrate the new year with a bit of fun, so he called a friend and asked if he could come by, he got green light to come over to his friend, they chatted a bit before his friend decided to give Ace a little show before it got even more fun for both parts.

Episode 68

Episode 69 - AnnaSimone

So its been a while since Ace had been at good old club called Fresco, so he decided to put on some nice clothing and check out what was happening, but as he was scouting the dance floor, he saw a lady sitting by a table alone, so he took the chance and joined her by that table, and the night got a lot more fun then either of them had thought it would.

Episode 69

Episode 70 - SexxxyJessica

(back to the past)

Ace had been out training with his team, then after that he went to relax in the rooms above the stadium, while he where relaxing he heard someone being out on the field, but as he could see a cheerleader but not with the colors of his team, but he knew someone from the same cheerleader team, that he texted to ask the one he saw to come up to him.

Episode 70

Episode 71 - SilhenS

After a stressed week ace decided to find a place to relax, so he went to place that he knew already and when he got there it was pretty empty, there where him and a lady, at this nice place that seemed to be rather romantic made for some reason, but as they where talking they got closer to each other, and stuff went south in a good way.

Episode 71

Episode 72 - LilMarie

Ace had been invited to a game of strip poker game by a friend of his, the only thing he did not know was that it was only them alone, so after a bit of talking they came up with the prize that the other one will get for winning the strip poker game.

Episode 72

Episode 73 - Sath

After some time Ace had finally brought his ass down to a club one of his friends had told him about, though he got himself a surprise when he got there and saw his friend working there as some sort of dancer, but later on he got a little more private with his friend and stuff got hot.

Episode 73

Episode 74 - Agathee

So after his turn on the club, Ace had gotten on a ship, where he met this lovely lady, asked her if she would like to come down to an inside pool and relax a bit together with him, as they where relaxing and talking the lady got closer to Ace but as always he did not see any problems with that as the lady grabbed something on him.

Episode 74

Episode 75 - LauraTWK

For the first time in his life Ace had brought his ass to place he never thought he would, a nudist beach and oddly enough he felt himself comfortable with it, as he was sitting there minding his own business he noticed the lady in front of him, she looked familiar so he went up form his chair and up to, got to talk with her for a bit before things took a turn.

Episode 75
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