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Episode 76 - Meag

So Ace had went on a one day vacation with one of his many friends, where they ended up being in a one hell of a big tent with bed and such, where they also found two masks that they went and put on, and after a bit they started to mess around in the tent after his friend had given him a little dance.

Episode 76

Episode 77 - Leexi

So Ace had never really been at a bdsm place, so he went to a place he knew had a big place full of stuff for all of those that like bdsm, where he found a lady that was sitting on a chair in a cage, so he sat down on the outside looking at her a bit before he got her out of the cage.

Episode 77

Episode 78 - PetrovaFord & AnnTakia

Yet again Ace went to the bdsm place where he this time found himself a pair of bunnies, as he sit between them as they where dancing on the poles on each side of him, but it was not long before he found the bunnies in front of him shaking their bums.

Episode 78

Episode 79 - MeganxRosa

Ace had been out on a date with a lovely lady, as they ended up in a pretty big hotel room with its own bar and such, where they sat down for some drinks, after a while the lady wanted something of Ace, that she gave him clear sign of what was with her body language.

Episode 79

Episode 80 - HeatherM

First time Ace ever had been at a fashion show, but there was also a reason for why he was there, as he had helped with financing the fashion show, as he watched the lady that hold the show walk back and forth in different clothing's, after the show Ace then went back stage to the girl to talk about the costs of this show, but the lady had an idea that made it all take a hole other direction. 

Episode 80

Episode 81 - SexxxyJessica Part 1

Ace had asked one of his friends out to a night out hitting the different clubs, though they only made it to two, before they got stock at the second ones bar, dancing and drinking to where they couldn't any more, but where do they end up after they left the club?.

Episode 81

Episode 82 - SexxxyJessica Part 2

So after the fun in the bathroom, Ace went in and sat down to watch tv, but he barely got the tv turned on, before he got some company by the lady he was with and seemed like she where not done with having the fun.

Episode 82

Episode 83 - xCarrie

So after a long time ace finally took his time to go to the hospital, as he needed to get something checked, but he had to wait for a good amount of time before he would be checked, so in the meanwhile he had fallen asleep, though after some time he woke up to something didn't expect from a nurse.

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Episode 83

Episode 84 - Ainhoa

So after Ace had gotten out from his hospital check, he went to the nearest hotel to relax and such, while he was taking a bath, he heard someone come into his room and to his surprise it was a maid, that he went and asked closely of why she was there, as things to a turn around as she pressed herself against him.

Episode 84

Episode 85 - Serenachean

One night Ace was sitting outside and didn't know what he should get the night to go with, then out of nowhere this lady appeares in front of him, as if someone where watching him and knowing he was kinda lonely this night, so he went and started talking with this lady, then their night turned upside down.

Episode 85

Episode 86 - Agathee

The Slut Bus - Ep 1

So Ace has recently bought himself the bus, that he had been loan before, but he wanted it to be his, so he bought it and made some changes to it, and not long after he got his first visitor into the bus, also known as The Slut Bus. Ace had himself a great time with the first woman that had dared to step into the bus with him.

Episode 86

Episode 87 - xCarrie

The Slut Bus - Ep 2

So the bus had been known for two days and on the second day it got another visitor, which Ace was pleased with, as he wanted to have as many as he possible could get to visit it, as it mostly ended with a good time.

As he was sitting down and talking with this visitor, the lady suddenly started to get undressed on her seat, then started doing her own thing as Ace got closer and stuff got hot.

Episode 87

Episode 88 - SexxxyJessica

The Slut Bus - Ep 3

So the third day of Ace owning the bus, where he yet again get the pleasure of getting some company by another lady, while they where talking Ace had his back towards her, but could see her in the window, as he then see her turn around, at first he thought it was to look out but he got himself a surprise.

Episode 88

Episode 89 - Meag

The Slut Bus - Ep 4

After a quiet day at the bus, when the day was at the evening time going towards night time, a lady showed up at the bus, of cause Ace invited her in, they talked for a bit, until the lady got up from her seat and started losing her clothing in front of him, and the night got a hole lot more fun, then Ace had expected.

Episode 89

Episode 90 - Sath

The Slut Bus - EP 5

Another day on the slut bus and Ace was just chilling in the back of the bus, when there came a lady into the bus and planted herself up against the wall of the bus, they got into some talking and such, until the lady turned around and Ace got closer to her, then started to tease the lady and what not.

Episode 90
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